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2nd flight at midnight for easy connection to China
OZ 223 departs JFK at 00:35, arrives Seoul at 05:10 next day
Just in time to connect to many cities in China!
This flight will fly daily during July through September!
Oct 1-13: 5 times/week; Oct 14-26 3 times/week
OZ 224 departs Seoul at 21:00, arrives JFK at 23:00
You can return from many cities in China with this flight.

New York, NY (NYC)   to   Shanghai, China (SHA)   Roundtrip

▼JUL $1,373 Jul 29Sep 30631Air China Search
▼AUG $1,082 Aug 27Sep 17211Asiana Search
▼SEP $1,078 Sep 25Oct 22271Asiana Search
▼OCT $1,099 Oct 31Nov 551Korean Air Search
▼NOV $1,078 Nov 25Dec 9141Asiana Search
▼DEC $1,082 Dec 4Feb 3611Asiana Search
▼JAN $1,099 Jan 19Mar 27671Korean Air Search
▼FEB $1,099 Feb 3Mar 4291Korean Air Search
▼MAR $1,099 Mar 24Apr 28351Korean Air Search
▼APR $1,099 Apr 1Jun 8681Korean Air Search
▼MAY $1,179 May 2Jun 13421Korean Air Search
▼JUN $1,479 Jun 9Jun 1451Korean Air Search

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